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  1. dado
    22. januára 2017 @ 11:48


    planujem si cestu po juznej amerike a na nete som narazil na tvoj blog.
    Letenky cez viva columbiu ste kupili v pohode cez ich stranku s slovenskou kartou? nemali ste s touto spolocnostou problemy?
    Zatial co si robim mensi prieskum ludia pisu,ze bez kolumbijskej karty sa nedaju kupit, resp im to strhne platbu ale nakoniec im aj tak letenky rusia.




  2. Andrea Semillas
    4. decembra 2016 @ 5:35

    I think that Colombia is a Happy place because we are begining to feel the peace that we didnt had in the past…I personal think in my life experience, when u suffer a big And difficult situación in Life u after that, transform yourself in a very Spirit person And only want to be cool And Happy inside u And outside u, u beginn to think in work in you in a possitive way…so if one person do that..he or she is going to transmit that to everyone around!!a Big hug chico



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